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Buster and Punch

Buster and Punch Hooked 6.0 Mix NHK-25497

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Buster and Punch Hooked 6.0 Mix

Base Number:NHK-25497

A chandelier made up of six Brass light pendants, each with their own customizing hook, and matte rubber detailing. The light comes complete with a MIX of light shades - 1 x large shade, 2 x small shade, made from 2mm rolled steel and finished in STONE powder coating. Each pendant length can be adjusted and hooked onto a solid metal hook screwed into the ceiling rose, ensuring a unique sculptural shape. The hooks can also be installed directly into your ceiling to spread the pendants out above any furniture you wish. You have the choice of 3 Nude Bulbs and 3 Shade Bulbs. The Nude Bulbs are for the three exposed pendants, and the Shade Bulbs are for the 3 pendants covered by shades. We recommend using a dimmer switch to get the best out of this light.



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